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The following is an excerpt from a book I am writing about dating in the 21st Century.

This topic is for those who are dating, who are single and have never been married. It’s also for those who are divorced, or are faced with being a widow or widower. I learned during 8 years of dating, after becoming a widower subsequent to 30 years of marriage, that dating is in some ways a lot like driving a car. As a result, I am convinced that if we employ some of the same principles or rules while we are dating that help us to drive safely, the journey will be less stressful and more fulfilling.

First and foremost, men and women need to “SLOW (See what you need to see, Listen to what you don’t want to hear, Observe circumstances, environments, situations, Wait before making any decisions”) DOWN”. Many of us not only speed when we are driving, but also travel too fast while we are dating. We need to slow down because when we don’t take the time required to uncover as much information as we possibly can about a person we are dating the relationship is destined to crash. Think about this for a second. When we are issued a speeding ticket we probably deserved it and if we are honest with ourselves, in the dating world being “warned” or “ticketed” by the most powerful highway patrolman known to mankind (God) will always work in our favor (Romans 8:28). Sometimes we underestimate the dangers associated with “driving under the influence”. Self-medicating with alcohol or drugs does not make the journey any easier. It just makes it harder and almost impossible to see the stop signs when we are “under the influence. Sometimes going to the same places and hanging around the same people is kind of like driving down the same street over and over again. It can become boring, frustrating and might even be a waste of time. Maybe we need to take a different “route” and look for new ways to meet people.

Thought for today:

“A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with all the bricks that have been thrown at them. Turn your sorrows into successes”





  1. Dana M. Turner  January 18, 2017

    Hey Dad 😁😁 I read it & enjoyed this little bit “SLOW” makes sense can’t wait for the RELEASE congrats!!!!!!!…….

  2. Sam Hancock  February 17, 2017

    Thanks Dana. Sorry that it took me so long to respond. I am going to try to post on my blog a lot more often. Stay tuned and thanks again or your feedback.

    Dr. Sam (aka Dad)

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