Sam Hancock

Samuel H. Hancock (Ed.D.) is the former Assistant to the President for Institutional Diversity and Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Toledo in Toledo Ohio. Dr. Hancock is a International Consultant specializing in Leadership Development Training and Developing Cultural Competence Individually and organizationally. He has conducted over 300 Cultural Competency/Leadership training sessions and trained over 4,000 individuals throughout his career. His doctorate is in Education Leadership and Policy Studies and his dissertation topic was a Phenomenological Study on the Impact of Diversity Training on Healthcare Workers which was later put in book format. Dr. Hancock has had several of his articles on Cultural Competence/Managing Diversity published and has conducted Training of the Trainer initiatives in Toledo and Bowling Green, Ohio in the area of individual and organizational Cultural Competence. He has also presented throughout the United States and internationally on topics such as Emerging Concepts in Diversity and How to Develop a Diversity Plan and Working Toward Becoming Culturally Competent: The Healthcare Providers Challenge.

Dr. Hancock’s experience ranges from corrections, mental health, and equal employment opportunity to counseling, administration, human resources, education, and organizational development. He has conducted numerous training sessions on preventing sexual harassment in the workplace and he is a certified mediator. Dr. Hancock has written, directed, produced and narrated two training videos on preventing harassment in the workplace. He has also conducted training sessions on Time & Stress Management, Behavior Management, and has been a contract trainer with Lucas County Children Services Board since 1990.

As a result of his Leadership Knowledge, Passion, and hard work Star Academy a K-8 school here in Toledo, Ohio moved from Academic Emergency to Continuous Improvement within 1 year and math scores of the 8th grade class rose 84 points from the previous year. On a scale of 1 to 10 parents rated him as being as 9.5 and he also did an outstanding job of overseeing, developing and implementing behavior intervention programs/strategies.

He is a native of Columbus, Ohio and received his B.A. (Sociology) from Bluffton College and his M.R.C. and Ed.D. Degrees from Bowling Green State University. 

Dr. Hancock can be reached at 419-250-3154 or at